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    What is workers’ compensation fraud?

    Workers compensation fraud takes place when an employee, employer or a health care provider lies to gain financial benefits. Ham Investigations have a team of professionals that are well occupied in TN Workers Compensation as well as their Investigation.

    Employees Fraud:

    Employees try to obtain disability benefits by :

    • Exaggerating Injury or Illness
    • Faking Injury as well as Illness
    • False Expenses
    • Long jury duty
    • and so many more….

    Employer Fraud :

    Employers try to avoid paying workers compensation premiums by:

    • Under-reporting the payroll
    • Reporting employees as independent contractor/s
    • Mistranslating the nature of the work the employees are performing
    • Misrepresenting past loss experience
    • Misrepresenting the company ownership

    TN Workers CompensationHealth Provider Fraud:

    Health Providers try to commit workers compensation fraud by:

    • False billing for exams of patients
    • Also, False billing for treatment of patients
    • Duplicate billing for the same medical treatment
    • Similarly, Billing follow-up exams as “first exams”
    • Bundling unnecessary medical services with necessary services
    • Misrepresenting the true code for the medical treatment provided


    Regardless of who commits it, workers’ compensation fraud is the most significant controllable cost factor in work-force budgets today.

    tn workers compensationWidespread misuse of workers’ compensation :

    • drives up costs
    • deflates productivity ,and also
    • destroys staff morale.

    If you think a workers compensation fraud has occurred. Then Contact us. Ham Investigations will help you uncover it effectively. We will provide you with complete worker’s compensation investigations including but not limited to:


    Our Team


    Our TN workers compensation investigators have rich experience not only of conducting but also recording interviews. They are also experts at identifying :

    • prior injuries
    • furthermore, medical history
    • apportionment
    • and also subrogation
    They will represent you and your firm, professionally. Our Team have the resources they need for conducting successful TN workers compensation investigations . They specialize in conducting workers’ compensation interviews. They are equipped with the latest digital recorders, cameras and communication equipment. In addition, our administrative staff keeps reviewing continually the work product for :

    • optimal integrity
    • quality
    • accuracy , and also
    • timeliness

    Minimizing Your Exposure To Fraud:

    TN workers compensation investigation and surveillance will help minimize your exposure to workers’ compensation fraud. To meet this end, we will provide you with AOE/COE accident investigations including but not limited to:

    • claimant statements
    • scene photography and also video
    • Similarly, Surveillance
    • supervisor statements
    • background research and so much more.

    We will use Surveillance as a means to refuting injury limitation claims. A picture tells a thousand words . Therefore, Our photographs and videos will help negate false injury as well as illness claims effectively.

    At Ham Investigations we use state of the art technology and equipment to gather all kinds of physical as well as documentary evidence for you.

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