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    Do You Need A Witness Located or Interviewed?

    Ham Investigations understands the importance of Witness Location and Interviews in various types of cases in Tennessee. Our Licensed Professionals have over 39 years experience in TN witness location and witness interviews.

    That is why we can quickly locate witnesses and obtain their interviews for you.

    Eye Witness Testimonies:

    Court systems have always placed more credibility on eye-witness testimonies. No doubt, documents, pictures and even video recordings can provide some perspectives into the facts of a case. Still, there is nothing that can prove more incriminating or exonerating than the testimony of an eye witness.

    tn witness location
    The list of persons/entities who use witness testimonies includes but not limited to:

    • prosecution and defense attorneys
    • also businesses
    • educational facilities
    • and so much more

    However, law does not compel eye witnesses to testify unless the court summons them with a subpoena. In such circumstances a private investigator may have strategies the information that:

    • can help locate an eye witness, and
    • compel them to share what they know about the case.

    Witness Interviews:

    Obtaining witness interviews is of prime importance. These interviews can be a very valuable resource during any type of litigation. With our years of experience in speaking with a multitude of individuals, we are able to judge:

    • how much the witness knows?
    • Moreover, what they know will be helpful
    • Similarly, if it will be harmful for the case

    Extracting Relevant Information:

    Upon locating a witness, our investigative professionals are able to extract the information you need. Utilizing various techniques ,we are able to confirm or deny statements issued and/or evidence obtained over the course of an investigation.

    Following Witness Trail:

    Ham Investigations specializes in witness location and are committed to providing the most up-to-date contact information to you. No matter how much a person tries to evade locating , we know how to find their hidden trail. Everyday activities and transactions create a series of digital footprints that we are able to track. Our access to databases , unavailable to the public , enables us to locate and follow the individual’s trail.

    Our investigative techniques like surveillance , interviews, etc support the authenticity of the data we develop.

    Looking For the Knoxville TN Witness Location and Invterview Team?

    Only a professional interviewer will be able to help you obtain and preserve the information you need. By not only providing you peace of mind, but also helping you get the information you need.

    Therefore, Contact Us and we will take the worry out for you.

    Ham Investigations have a team  not only  of experienced witness locators but also interviewer. Additionally, They are willing to take the next step. Are you?