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    Our Reliable Services:

    Ham Investigations offers our clients efficient and reliable TN Process Services across Tennessee.

    Quick And Efficient:

    Ham Investigations excels at serving your document quickly and efficiently. We utilize special databases to locate information not available to a great majority.

    Unique Approach:

    Our unique approach greatly increases the chances of a successful service. We manage to deliver documents to even the most reluctant parties. Our professionals have to modify their background check of the subject/s ,accordingly. This enables them to easily locate these hard to find parties.

    tn process services

    Compete Documentation:

    Ham Investigations team of Licensed Professionals register every service with audio and/or video surveillance . So there is never a doubt about the completion of a service to the right party.

    Need Someone To Manage For You?

    If you are in need of process services in Tennessee, we will work with you to manage it in an efficient way. Our team of licensed professionals take pride in what they do .

    They have the experience you need in difficult or hard to serve situations. In addition, Ham Investigations are connected to a national network of Licensed Investigative Professionals to cater to your Out of State requirements.

    Ham Investigations TN Process Services include but not limited to:

    • Child custody orders as well as modifications
    • Orders of Protection
    • Divorce
    • Small claims
    • Criminal Subpoenas for witnesses and also experts
    • Garnishments
    • Civil suits
    • Forcible detainer (eviction)

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    Looking For the Tennessee Process Services Team ?

    In each of these types of TN Process Services, the common denominator is a ‘Qualified Process Server ‘. Only a professional agent will be able to help you in servicing these Court Documents, By not only providing you peace of mind, but also helping you get the information you need.

    Therefore, Contact Us and we will take the worry out for you.

    Ham Investigations have a team of experienced professionals and willing to take the next step. Are you?