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    tn personal injury investigationsWhat Makes Us Specialists In This Field?

    Ham Investigations team of licensed professionals specialize in providing the information you require in all TN Personal Injury Investigations.

    We utilize the below techniques to uncover all the facts in your case :

    • hidden cameras
    • witness interviews
    • scene documentation
    • access to experts in computer forensics and so much more!

    Our TN Personal injury investigators are dedicated to providing you with accurate and timely information.


    Our investigators will not only document but also verify :

    • addresses
    • assets
    • companions , and
    • other information

    to ensure you have the most update information on the subject of your investigation.

    tn personal injury investigationsOur investigative planning and preparation will assist you in thinking outside the box , to:

    • gather information, you
    • may not have thought of ,or
    • realized exists.

    Our experience shows in the all-inclusive reporting and video evidence we provide to you.

    Ham Investigations understands your need for this information. So, we will make every attempt to legally gather the evidence you need to :

    • either confirm, or
    • refute the injury allegations.


    Witness statements and affidavits establish a record of events. Therefore, these statements and affidavits are crucial in TN personal injury investigations.  Similarly, these are an essential part of the court proceedings. Collecting statements quickly and thoroughly is the key to success in most cases. Our trained and experienced investigators will secure comprehensive statements from all parties of the case.

    Our investigators will:

    • obtain statements as well as provide reports
    • also obtain hand written statements
    • signed and notarized affidavits
    • audio and video recordings

    Knoxville personal injury investigatorsScene Documentation

    Despite its importance in personal injury cases, people often overlook documentation of the scene of injury. However, our team of professionals realize the importance of this step. They, therefore, move quickly to preserve evidence before it disappears. Our investigation and scene documentation will provide you a time capsule of information .

    This information will certainly be useful for you:

    • in establishing third party responsibility
    • gathering information that the injured party did not disclose and so much more

    You can also pass this information to :

    • equipment experts
    • medical professionals
    • adjusters
    • and so on

    Scene evidence in the form of documents often speaks for itself and is invaluable in personal injury cases.

    Looking For An Knoxville Personal Injury Investigator?

    Only a professional investigator will be able to help you obtain and preserve the evidence you need. By not only providing you the peace of mind, but also helping you deal with different agencies. Providing helpful insight to what would have happen as a result. Our Knoxville TN Personal Injury Investigators are also specialize In Insurance Fraud Investigations.

    Therefore, you need to contact us and we will be there with you side by side.

    Ham Investigations have a team of experienced TN Personal Injury Investigators and are willing to go a step forward for you.