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    Do You Want To Locate Someone Anywhere in Tennessee, or in the USA?

    tn missing persons investigations
    When someone you know has gone missing, the resources available to assist you in locating that individual are few. Most people rely on the local or State agencies .Unluckily, these agencies fail to give your case a high priority. Reasons may vary from under-staffing to overburdening.

    Count On Our Experience:

    Ham Investigations has rich experience of TN Missing Persons Investigations. We will not only work tirelessly to ensure that your case receives the time but also the attention it deserves. Restrictions that prevent police agencies from being successful in their investigations, don’t apply on us.

    Our Team:

    Our team of licensed professional investigators is able to utilize surveillance, disguises, and other methods of evidence retrieval. These methods are legal but are typically outside the scope or ability of police agencies. When the police agencies are unable to assist someone in locating a missing person they recommend the use of Licensed Professional Investigators.

    Ham Investigations has been continually receiving such recommendations .

    We can say with a measure of confidence that we have succeeded in locating the missing persons where others have often failed. Locating missing persons requires information gathering. Our dedicated Professional Investigators work single-mindedly to collect all relevant information.

    Categories Of Missing Persons:

    There are different categories of missing persons but not limited to:

    • some people may be absent against their will
    • others may simply have chosen to go missing

    Ham Investigations also specializes in locating a missing person who have chosen to go missing. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

    While not all cases can end happily, our team of Professional Investigators will make all efforts to reunite your loved ones. Ham Investigations can often locate a missing person in as little as one day. Along with this, we will provide documentary proof of their whereabouts and safety.

    Upon Location:

    Upon location of an individual, Ham Investigations will not only notify that person but also provide them with our client’s contact information. This information will help the missing person to reach out to reunite with our client. But if the person chooses to remain unavailable, we will respect the request. We will, however, inform our client that we have found the person and they are safe. We will always act in accordance with the State Law and the circumstances of the case.

    So, Don’t wait, Give us a call and let us find that loved one or person of interest for you.