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    Do You Suspect Your Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend of Cheating?

    This may be the hardest decision you ever have to make. It can be difficult to accept that your spouse may be cheating on you. If you feel this is happening contact us immediately. As we have the leading TN Infidelity Investigations team ready to work for you.

    Ham Investigations professionals will be able to :

    • follow your spouse
    • see where he or she is going
    • gather evidence including
    • video
    • photographs
    • addresses
    • names and so much more

    This information will help you and your attorney know everything about the extra marital relationship.

    tn infidelity investigationsTop 10 Signs A Partner May Be Having An Affair:

    1. Working a lot of overtime

    • Are they becoming their companies most valuable asset, of late?
    • After years of normality ,are they suddenly working tremendous amounts of overtime ?
    • Why aren’t they then earning any additional income ?
    • They say they’re working late when they may in fact be with a lover.

    2. Telling you “I need my space”

    Perhaps your marriage is in trouble and your partner tells you that they needs their space. This could be a the first attempts at separation.

    3. Hiding the phone bill or cell phone

    If you partner is receiving texts, calls, etc. and begins hiding the bill/cell phone , obviously there is something they don’t want you to see.

    4. Telling you “It’s your imagination”

    Your partner might argue with you and say “It’s your imagination” when actually you are on the right track and may be getting too close to the TRUTH.

    5. Getting hang-up phone calls or middle of the night calls

    The lover wants to speak with your partner and can’t wait until they are out of your house to be with them.

    6. Not wearing a wedding ring or “I lost my ring” statements

    Similarly, If your spouse no longer wears their wedding ring or has “lost” their ring, these could be an indication that they want everyone to think they are single.

    7. Keeping Strange Hours

    Strange new habits of coming and going as well as unexpected “last minute” errands.

    8. New sexual techniques or requests

    You know your partner better than anyone.  So, if your partner comes home with new sexual moves or requests it could be that they learned this from being with someone else.

    9. No longer interested in sex, WITH YOU!

    If your partner completely eliminates sex from your relationship unexpectedly then you should be concerned . In the absence of a traumatic event or medical issue this could be an indication of an affair.

    10. Excessive or secretive use of the Internet

    In today’s world a large number of affairs begin in chat rooms and social media sites, not bars. New or excessive interest could indicate a problem.

    Ham Investigations hopes you and your family never experience this type of issue. However if you or someone you love does find themselves in this situation, we are here to help you. We will conduct TN Infidelity Investigations to provide you with the information you need . These Infidelity investigations may help you make the hardest decisions and move on with your life.

    Then, why wait, Give us a call and take the worry out of your life.