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    What is Elderly Abuse?

    “Elderly abuse is the single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship.  Where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person.”

    tn elderly abuse investigationsWhat Are The Different Types Of Elderly Abuse?

    Elderly abuse can be of any of the following types :

    • physical abuse
    • financial abuse
    • neglect
    • emotional abuse
    • sexual abuse
    • verbal abuse
    • discriminatory abuse

    Who Are The Victims Of Elderly Abuse?

    Usually, the following types of elderly people fall victim :

    • physically weak
    • cognitive impairments
    • with disabilities
    • without adequate housing
    • socially isolated people
    • people without relatives
    • women

    Who Are The Abusers ?

    Typically, the abusers are from amongst the following :

    • family member, if the abuse is taking place at home
    • caregiver /s, if it is occurring at an institution

    Oftentimes the caregiver :

    • may themselves be too frail to provide proper care
    • can find care giving to be too overwhelming an experience ,or
    • intentionally abuse and /or neglect the elder person

    tn elderly abuse investigatorsWhen Does Elder Neglect Occur?

    When a caregiver fails to meet the needs of an elderly person , neglect happens. The responsible person may be an:

    • adult child
    • other relative
    • caregiver, or
    • anyone else

    who has agreed to provide services and necessities.

    Examples of necessities include:

    • food and water
    • shelter
    • clothing
    • medication
    • safety
    • personal care, and
    • financial support

    Time To Address Your Concerns

    If you have concerns about the care of an elderly person, intervene at once – before the situation becomes more serious. When visiting with an elderly person, be alert for signs of neglect or abuse.

    tn elderly bed soresPhysical signs may include but not limited to :

    • bed sores
    • poor hygiene
    • also dehydration
    • weight loss due to malnutrition

    Additionally the facility or home may not have :

    • running water
    • heat
    • proper wiring
    • sanitary living conditions

    The caregiver may be :

    • missing doctor appointments
    • also mishandling prescriptions
    • leaving the elderly without food and water for long periods
    • avoid assisting the senior to the bathroom

    The elder may have bruises or broken bones.Look into the causes of these injuries.

    We Are Here To Help You as we have the experience with TN Elderly Abuse Investigations

    Don’t hesitate to contact us. Share your worries with us.

    Our Licensed TN Elderly Abuse Investigators can assist you with uncovering as well as documenting abuse and also the neglect. They have the experience and resources to conduct open as well as undercover elderly investigations. Ham Investigations can also provide covert equipment to capture events of abuse /neglect for documentary proof.

    Trust us and we will assist you in ensuring the best possible care for your elder. Furthermore, we will  make sure that they get the proper care which they deserve.
    Ham Investigations will not fail you. Give us a call and let us protect your elders.