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    What Does DUI Stand For?

    tn dui investigators“The acronyms DUI, DWI, OMVI and OVI all refer to the same thing: operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The most commonly used terms are DUI, an acronym for Driving Under the Influence, and DWI, an acronym for Driving While Impaired.”

    Our TN DUI Investigations Services

    Ham Investigations provides DUI Consultation and TN DUI Investigations services to attorneys and private citizens across Tennessee as well as nationally.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to utilize our superior training and experience to assist clients in understanding all the facts of their DUI case. As a result help them in their investigations.

    The Quality Of Our Training

    Just like the law enforcement, our DUI Investigators/ Consultants have also trained to administer and evaluate the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) .

    As a rule, Federal/State law enforcement officers should administer these tests in a very specific manner and sequence . They should also grade them in a unique way. Unluckily, that isn’t always true.

    Our DUI Investigators/ Consultants look for and point out precisely where law enforcement have missed or misinterpreted these specifics Standardized Field Sobriety Tests ( SFSTs ).

    The SFSTs is a battery of 3 tests during a traffic stop . They are:

    dui investigatorsHorizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

    In this test, the driver follows a pen or other stimulus with their eyes only , not moving their head. The officer observes the individual’s eyes. He looks for the involuntary jerking of the eye and other specific indicators.



    Walk and Turn Test

    In this test, the examiner looks for eight indicators of impairment :

    • the suspect cannot keep balance while listening to the instructions
    • begins before the instructions are finished
    • stops while walking to regain balance
    • does not touch heel-to-toe
    • uses arms to balance
    • steps off the line
    • takes an incorrect number of steps, or
    • makes an improper turn.

    dui investigationsOne Leg Stand Test

    In this test, an officer instructs the driver to :

    • stand on one leg
    • lift the other leg off the ground ,and
    • count out loud
    • Subsequently, the officer gives the driver several more instructions and observes how the individual performs

    Non-Standardized Tests

    In addition , there are other( Non-Standardized) tests that officers may administer. These tests may include :

    • Finger to Nose Test
    • Counting backwards Test
    • Alphabet Test
    • Finger Count Test

    Our Advanced Training

    Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Program

    NHTSA developed this course to train officers across Tennessee and the country in highly specialized areas of DUI detection .Law enforcement considers it as the next step in DUI intervention.

    Ham Investigations TN DUI Investigators / Consultants have the privilege of successfully completing this course .

    tn dui investigationsThe Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) course

    NHTSA recognizes this as the ultimate course and considers officers with this training as the top 1% DUI evaluators nationally. Law enforcement alone receive the DRE certification .

    Mr Ham and his staff have ,however, successfully completed the 24 hours DRE Overview Course.

    How Ham Investigations Assists It’s Clients?

    Ham Investigations’ TN DUI Investigations Consultants utilize their training and experience in the field to evaluate each aspect of a client’s case.

    Our team of professionals :

    • Not only obtains but also review all documentation of a case
    • Additionally, scrutinizes reports for information and errors
    • Then, utilizes this information in a client’s defense

    In addition , our team receives and evaluates the officer’s video. Also evaluates each aspect of the video including :

    • the reason for stop
    • the instruction and
    • performance of SFSTs and
    • Non-Standardized Tests
    • Examines the scene of SFSTs , and
    • Evaluates the environmental conditions
    • Establishes if the area was a suitable location for the tests
    • Collects witness statements / observations,and
    • Puts all information into a comprehensive report

    This TN DUI Investigations report outlines but not limited to :

    • the reason for stop,
    • our clients performance on tests
    • the officer’s demeanor
    • the officer’s ability to properly instruct the SFSTs
    • measurements and photographs taken at the scene
    • photographs of our client’s clothing and footwear
    • weather for the area of the stop

    What Sets Us Apart ?

    This comprehensive review of every single aspect of a client’s case is what sets Ham Investigations apart.

    In a TN DUI Investigations Case, Ham Investigations provides the entire information a client or their attorney needs to successfully defend their case.

    Therefore, Contact us today to discuss your case.