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    tn criminal defense investigationsPreparing For Your Defense

    You have been charged with a crime, now what? Everyone knows you need the very best attorney representing you. That’s only one part of your case. You also need the best Knoxville Criminal Defense Investigators available to assist your attorney in the preparation of your defense. Your side of the story needs to be told, not just the prosecution’s. Too often, cases in the court are without the benefit of a proper TN Criminal defense investigations. The results are often disastrous . Each day innocent people are going to jails. The law says you are innocent until proven guilty. The truth , however, is that if you have been charged with a crime you are assumed guilty. So you have to fight to prove your innocence.

    Working Closely With Your Attorney

    Ham Investigations specializes in TN Criminal Defense Investigations in Knoxville and all of Tennessee. Our team of professionals have the experience and expertise to conduct complex investigations .We conduct these investigation with your defense strategy in mind. We will work with your attorney( or independently ) to ensure that your side of the story is there. Also that you are represented by ALL the facts as they apply to your case. Think of every high profile case you have seen on the news.You might have observed that great attorneys always utilize the services of an investigator. They understand that in order to properly defend someone, all the information available is essential. Often there are witnesses and evidence that the prosecution doesn’t have access to. Without your own investigation those witnesses and evidence never make it to court.

    Conducting Thorough TN Criminal Defense Investigations

    Having your own Criminal Defense Investigator is essential to protect yourself or your family from the criminal offense charges. The responsibility of a criminal defense investigator is to make sure that each case has been thoroughly and properly investigated by law enforcement. When this is not the case, Ham Investigations will conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf to ensure that ALL the evidence and witnesses are available for trial.

    Our Team Of Experienced TN Criminal Investigators

    Ham Investigations employs former local, State and Federal investigators to achieve success in your case. Our team of professionals have decades of experience handling criminal investigations in Tennessee and across the United States.

    What if I have already been to trial and found guilty but I am innocent?

    If you went to trial without Ham Investigations , and were held guilty of a crime you never committed. Then you need to contact Ham Investigations so we can help you. We will not only assist you in defending yourself or a loved one against that wrongful conviction but also help you getting back to your life. Ham Investigations will obtain the information and evidence you need to assist your attorney in preparing a successful appeal. Just because you are in trouble does not mean your case is over!


    We have helped many clients overturn their convictions as well as get their lives back. We are standing by to assist you in restoring your honor and your life.

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