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    How Safe Is Your Personal Information?

    Can’t tell. In an increasingly technological world, it has not only become more important but also more difficult to keep your personal information safe. Only a TN Computer Forensics Investigator can tell how safe it actually is.

    Did Someone View Or Copy Your Information?

    You have no idea ? Rightly so. Part of keeping your information safe involves knowing who has been accessing your personal electronic devices to view and copy your information. Therefore, Only an expert TN Computer Forensics investigator can get you the answer.

    Our Experience

    Ham Investigations has encountered several cases of computer access by unauthorized users.

    tn computer forensics
    Content was viewed or placed on the device in violation of the law. The device owner was often reported, charged and left a victim of the system .
    On such occasions , Ham Investigations utilized it’s Computer Forensics experts to secure information to :

    • prove our client’s innocence , and
    • redirect authorities to the person/s actually responsible.

    Our Team Of TN Computer Forensics Professionals

    Ham Investigations achieves results by employing Licensed Professional Investigators.  These professionals are vetted experts in the field of Computer Forensics. Also they can retrieve and analyze data from wide range of electronic storage devices including :

    • Desktop and laptop computers
    • Network servers as well as Cloud Servers
    • External storage and Flash drives
    • Digital cameras
    • Smart phones ( iPhone as well as Android)
    • And so much more…

    Furthermore, Ham Investigations utilizes Licensed Professional Investigators :

    • who possess the technical expertise
    • and also have experience to assist our clients
    • Moreover, they have experience and credibility in testifying to their findings in court
    • use law-compliant data retrieval methods only
    • have the ability to use this data as evidence in court

    Our Services

    We provide the following services in the field of TN Computer Forensics :

    • Emails, instant messages, and text messages recovery
    • Additionally, Virus and spyware detection and removal
    • Similarly, Pornography detection
    • Email tracing
    • Computer and network intrusion detection
    • Also prevention
    • Internet history evaluation
    • Hidden files detection
    • And so much more…

    Ham Investigations have a team of experienced investigators and willing to take the next step. Are you?

    Then, why wait?  Contact Ham Investigations today to ensure that your data and digital devices are safe.