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  • Child Custody

  • tn child custody investigationsChild Custody Investigations

    In child custody investigations cases in Tennessee the court compares the fitness of each parent to that of the other parent.
    The court takes into account several factors, including a parent’s ability to provide a loving, clean, safe, and stable environment for the child.
    However the child’s best interest always remains the overriding factor.
    The court then names the parent with whom the child will live for most of the time.It also determines a residential schedule for the other parent.

    Having done that, the court proceeds to draw up a permanent parenting plan which outlines how parents will raise their child after divorce.
    Both parents must adhere to the permanent parenting plan approved by the court.

    How Can Private Investigator Help You In A Child Custody Investigations Cases?

    In a child custody case, you need to present solid evidence to prove your view point. You may find it an uphill battle to do this all by yourself. This is where you will feel the need to hire a private investigator.

    Why Hire Us?

    Ham Investigations have a team of private investigators who specialize in the field of child custody investigations cases.
    Our investigators will work solely for your benefit.

    During the course of investigations, they may perform any or all of the followings tasks :


    Our professional investigators may need to speak to a variety of people. They may interview friends, family, childcare workers and co-workers to get the clearest picture of your child’s situation.


    Our investigators may conduct surveillance to get a better idea of how the other parent treats your child. As a result this information is useful for Courts. Surveillance may cover proof of reckless behavior of the other parent.

    Child Support Investigations:

    Child Custody Investigations

    Every year a large number of parents entitled to child support money never receive the full amount. Some receive no money at all, even though a court has required the other parent to pay.
    Unfortunately, it can also be difficult for the courts to accurately assess a child’s living situation. This is due to the limited resources and an overburdened system. These factors make it impossible for them to follow through on every case.
    If your child’s other parent is not making payments for child support, our investigators will help you get your child’s money. We will provide you the information you can present in the court for legal action in your favor.
    Our investigators will conduct asset investigations to find out any assets that the other parent may be hiding to shirk financial obligations.

    Ham Investigations will work to provide documented proof to verify:

    • Where the other parent currently resides?
    • The name and address of their current employer.
    • What assets they may have? (property, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, etc.)

    The question is, are you fed up with waiting and going without the money you need to properly care for your child?
    Although your primary goal is to get the child support payment, there could be many different ways to reach that goal.
    Sometimes finding the name of the employer and providing it to the court is sufficient.
    When the court requires you to show proof that the other parent is actively attempting to hide their income from you, we can help.

    Co-parenting Investigations :

    Parents who fail to actually spend their co-parenting time with their children can be taken to court for an amendment of the permanent parenting plan.
    If you believe the other parent is not fulfilling their co-parenting obligations, we will help you.
    Our child custody investigations will reveal if the other parent is leaving the child with family, friends, new boyfriends or girlfriends, neighbors and even strangers. We will furnish proof with proper documentation for a complete reevaluation of the parenting plan. In addition to custody schedule by the court.

    Professional Child Custody Investigations :

    If you feel your child’s best interests are not being met by your current custody arrangements then Ham Investigations can help provide the proof you need to take your case to court .
    Ham Investigations will focus exclusively on your case utilizing the best tools and resources available. So that they can provide a thorough, discreet and professional investigation.