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  • Asset Investigations

  • asset investigationsWhat Is Asset Investigations?

    Asset investigations is a background forensic check of the financial profile of an individual or a company. It aims at laying bare the exact net worth of an individual or a company. Asset investigation is especially helpful in matters involving litigation.

    When Should You Go For An Asset Investigation?

    Investing In Business:

    If you are considering investing in a business or going into a partnership, or a merger, you need to find out the exact financial worth of the other party. Asset investigation will give you a fair idea of their financial stability .

    Assessing Employee Suitability:

    If you are considering employing someone in a position involving large financial responsibilities, you will definitely want to go into background checks of the person. The financial history of the person will clearly indicate his suitability or otherwise.

    Going Through Divorce:

    Time to conduct an asset investigation if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you .

    Judgement Collecting:

    If you are the recipient of a court award but your debtor is simply refusing to pay , you will need to conduct their asset checks and property searches. Asset investigation will unearth hidden assets and make debt collection possible for you.

    Before Going To Court:

    If you are planning to file a suit for unpaid services, the right thing for you will be to first go for an asset investigation of the party . It will be difficult to recover unpaid debts if the search results reveal the party does not own any asset of value. Filing a lawsuit will not be worth the time and effort in this case.

    asset investigationsHow Can We Help You ?

    Ham Investigations have a team of private investigators with an excellent track record in Asset Investigation. Ham Investigations professional investigators are familiar with defendants’ methods. That how they attempts to hide assets from their victims. But these investigators know well how to find them .

    At Ham Investigations we use state of the art technology and equipment to gather all kinds of physical as well as documentary evidence for you.

    We can investigate all aspects of the assets of an individual or a company .We specialize in conducting all kinds of background checks to uncover their real financial worth.

    When people lie about their financial circumstances, they often believe they can get away with not paying their obligations. However, Ham Investigations will work to find out people’s actual financial circumstances to prevent this from happening.