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  • Building Mini Spy Bugs That Record 9 Hours. An article recently surfaced teaching anyone how to build an audio Spy Bug. While spy gear has become increasingly affordable and available online and even in shopping malls, the ability to “custom build” devices is also on the rise. As a result, [...]

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    York County Landlord Places Hidden Camera Inside Bathroom Hidden Cameras Invading Your Privacy? Violations of privacy in our homes and businesses are becoming the norm in society. As a result, every day news articles reveal another horror story of spying using hidden cameras. Imagine renting a [...]

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    Valentine's is a busy time for private eyes - but not for the reason you think

    (CNN)Ah, Valentine's. Shower your spouse with chocolate. Woo your love with charm. Cheat on one with the other. It's not surprising the days around Valentine's would keep private investigators busy. When both spouse and lover want attention and affection, what's a busy Casanova to do? It's [...]

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