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GPS Rental Tracking Device

  • Keep your family and friends safe by having the ability to locate them any time you absolutely need to.
  • Great for child protection and location / destination accountability.
  • Perfect as a theft deterrent recover device. Small enough to be used for personal property or even vehicles such as motorcycles, boats and RV's.
  • Personal safety device, you family and friends can always locate you should you wish them to.
  • Tracking system is also great for RV rentals, motorcycle rental, car rental including specialty vehicle rentals, boat rental and heavy equipment rental equipments.

About Tracking Device Rental

The PGMICRO is a fully self-contained GPS tracker with an ultra sensitivity internal antenna and features a 3D Motion Detective Sensor that extends battery life up to 2 weeks of continuous tracking with a single charge. The optional extended battery allows for 100 hours of motion tracking. The unit 'sleeps' when not in motion to safe battery life.


Adjustable Reporting Time Real-time updates can be adjusted from seconds, minutes, even hours. The "Locate Now" feature can provide instant update between intervals. GEO Fencing You can set unlimited 'target' areas allowing for text or email alerts when activated.

How it Works: Very Simple

The easiest device on the market to track the ones you love.

2.66" x 1.58" x .83"
Weight: 2.2 oz.

Battery Life: (internal battery)
300 - 400 Hours - Standby without Reporting
150 - 200 Hours - Reporting every 10 minutes
100 - 150 Hours - Reporting every 5 minutes
15 - 20 Hours - Reporting every 10 Seconds
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