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In the age of technology we live in, it has become increasingly easy and economical for even the most conservative budgets to be able to afford to purchase and install electronic surveillance devices. These devices can be video or audio in nature and can be and usually are extremely covert in nature. Due to their relative size and intent of being undetected, they are extremely hard for the lay person to recognize, locate and remove.

To ensure that you haven't fallen prey to technical surveillance, Ham Investigations utilizes technicians with over 25 years experience in the field of installation and removal of all types of electronic surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, or what many call 'bugs." The profession name for conducting bug sweeps is also known as TSCM or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

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TSCM bug sweeps are the steps our TSCM technicians take to detect and prevent unwanted surveillance. Technical surveillance often takes the form of eavesdropping by bugging a vehicle, house, tapping a phone line, or installing hidden cameras, with the intention of committing corporate espionage, privacy invasion, extortion, identity theft, information theft, or stalking.

Being the victim of technical surveillance can endanger your personal safety, and leave you vulnerable to potential financial damages.

Our TSCM technicians will perform a technical surveillance countermeasures sweep, which consists of sweeping for bugs, performing a physical and electronic inspection of the area to check for infrared, laser, audio recording, hidden cameras, wireless microphones, radio transmitters, phone taps, GPS tracking, and cell phone interceptors. A technical surveillance countermeasures sweep is not an investigation in itself, but rather is a service offered by Ham Investigations; if evidence of illegal surveillance is found, we will collaborate with our technician to report findings and take appropriate action as agreed upon by our clients or mandated by State and Federal law.

NOTE: Ham Investigations and our associates will not knowingly perform any type of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)for any client that is currently under criminal proceedings or is a known target of a State or Federal investigation. If at any time during a contracted agreement to perform TSCM bug sweeps, Ham Investigations or our associates discover such an investigation is ongoing or Criminal charges are discovered, all bug sweep work will cease and the contract will be voided without reimbursement to the client. Notifications will be made where mandated by law.

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