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Knoxville Background Checks

Knoxville Background Checks - Private Investigators - Resume Review

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A background check is a great way to protect your interests whether they be personal and/or professional. These reports can help identify individuals that can hurt you or other people or destroy the interests of your company. Before you decide to hire that employee at the office, that contractor to do some work around the house, or that nanny for the kids give us a call. Your peace of mind is less expensive than you may think.

Background checks are the act of reviewing public and confidential information to investigate a particular person's or entity's history. Ham Investigations provides a background check that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • National Background Check
  • Criminal History (Felony, Misdemeanor, Sexual Offender, Arrests & Warrants)
  • Present and Past Residency
  • Bankruptcy, Liens, Foreclosures, & Evictions
  • Professional Licenses
  • Assets
  • Former relationships and associates
  • Divorce or Orders of Protection
  • And so much more...

Who uses background checks?

Background Checks - Tennessee Private Investigators - Meeting

Background checks are used by individuals who are:

  • beginning or currently involved in a new dating relationship
  • possibly going into business with a new partner
  • hiring a nanny to work in their home
  • having work done in their home
  • looking at possible tenants for a rental
  • thinking about using a house sitter or caretaker
  • the list goes on and on...

Background checks are used by businesses that are:

  • screening potential new employees
  • credentialing and experience verification
  • annual re-certification of current employees
  • entering into new business relationships with vendors, subcontractor's, service provider's, etc.

The types of businesses that use background checks:

  • Daycares, pre schools, private schools
  • Retirement homes, home care providers, elder care providers, assisted living facilities
  • Healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, private practice offices)
  • Property managers, rental agencies
  • Places of worship, Christian schools and organizations
  • again, the list goes on and on...
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